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LabOuest is a medical biology laboratory independent of financial structures and managed by its associated biologists.
LabOuest carries out routine and specialized medical biology examinations on its technical platforms (autoimmunity, serology, microbiology, molecular biology, allergology, immuno-hematology, specialized coagulation, etc.).
LabOuest has 3 technical platforms, 24 reception sites for our patients and collaborations with numerous healthcare establishments (emergencies, cardiology, maternity wards, surgery, intensive care, medical specialties, etc.). We participate in ongoing care 24/7. Around 260 employees and 24 biologists work at LabOuest.

We are actively looking for a medical biologist to join us in departments 44 and 49 (Nantes, Angers and their surrounding areas).
As a medical biologist, your main role will be to supervise all site activities under your responsibility:

  • Validation, interpretation of results and provision of consulting services,
  • Supervise teams,
  • Maintain relationships with laboratory correspondents (IDE, EHPAD, etc.),
  • Participate in multi-professional meetings,

But also, depending on the candidate’s professional project:​

  • Participate in analytical activities on technical platforms,
  • Manage cross-functional projects (management, staff training, IT configuration, etc.),
  • Participate in ongoing care.

Profile sought: Pharmacist or doctor with a DES in Medical Biology. Good relational sense. With or without experience.

Status: Employee or TNS. Full time or part time.

Our HR, accounting departments and the college of associated biologists will be happy to support you in the steps necessary for your integration (URSSAF, moving, training, etc.).

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File type .pdf or .jpg Max weight 1.5MB for each file

Professional equality between women and men

The overall index for the year 2023 is 98, broken down by indicators as follows:

  • Wage gap indicator : 38
  • Rate of disparity of individual increase indicator : 35
  • Return from maternity leave indicator : 15
  • High pay indicator : 10