LABOUEST Group: Before coming to the laboratory

When you come to our laboratory, please bring the following administrative documents for registration of your file:

  • Your up-to-date Carte Vitale (update terminal available in pharmacies, CPAM and laboratories of the LABOUEST Loire-Atlantique and Candé Group) or a recent social security certificate,
  • your supplemental insurance card (certificate valid on the date of the specimen collection) covering the analyses (check for the presence of the LARA, BIO or LABO code which indicates whether the supplemental insurance fund reimburses Biology procedures),
  • the prescription (medical prescription) or the administrative form (as part of an insurance check-up, a visit initiated by the occupational health service…),
  • a piece of identification (prefecture assessment or determination of the blood group),
  • >Any other document specific to the analyses (informed consent for genetic analyses as well as the ultrasound report for the detection of Down’s syndrome in pregnant women…).

All this data is recorded in our IT System (SIL). This is the subject of a declaration to the Commission Nationale Informatique et Liberté (CNIL) and, in application of the Data Protection Law of 6 January 1978, you have the right, at any time, to access and modify the personal data which concerns you by contacting our medical secretary.

To facilitate the registration of your file and to reduce wait times on the day of your specimen collection, we advise you to make an appointment through DOCTOLIB (if the site allows it), possibly by phone or even by coming in with your prescription.

NNote: All LABOUEST sites receive patients by appointment, except those of Thouaré, Le Loroux-Bottereau, Carquefou as well as Nantes DALBY, which will see you without an appointment.

Specimen collection by appointment takes priority over visits without appointments, as do paediatric specimen collections and emergencies.

You can come without an appointment by agreeing to a waiting period that may be more or less long, depending on the traffic and the availability of the biologist for the specimen collections for which reservations have been made:

  • Vaginal and urethral specimen collection,
  • smear (only by appointment)
  • skin, mucous membranes, nails, scalp…
  • ENT area (throat, nose, ear, etc.),
  • mycological specimen collection,
  • search for scabies,
  • scotch test…
  • generally, by appointment only, all specimen collection related to fertility: spermograms, spermocultures, Hühner test, TMS, IAI.

– Recap of reimbursements : –

Exemption Administrative documents claimed Reimbursement
Without Prescription 60% (SS) + 40% (MUT)
Without Prescription No reimbursement,
immediate payment
ALD Prescription on prescription pad obligatory 100%
Disability Prescription 100%
CMU and AME Prescription + Certificate 100%
Pregnancy >= 6 months Prescription 100%
IVF, Fertility Prescription + Useful Documents MAP + CPAM Approval Documents beforehand 100%
Down’s syndrome Prescription + Consent + Ultrasound 100%
HIV ***, HEPC Prescription prescribed alone 100%
Occupational physician, scheduling family Prescription Cover by organization
Prefecture assessment Prescription + Identification card or Passport No reimbursement, règlement directement au laboratoire
Analysis excl. nomenclature On Prescription + signed approval No reimbursement, règlement directement au laboratoire
Insurance assessment Prescription consulting physician payment by the patient and reimbursement by the bank

*** We only perform HIV tests without a prescription with designation of a primary care physician.

Non-nomenclature analysis (Not reimbursed)

Most non-nomenclature analyses are sent to the specialized EUROFINS / BIOMNIS laboratory. Our medical secretary will have you sign a consent form to perform the analysis.


In the event that we have not been able arrange for payment, we will ask that you pay using one of the following payment methods:

  • Cash
  • Bank card
  • Health advance card,
  • Bank cheque.

Having an empty stomach means that your last evening meal should have been 12 hours before specimen collection.
For example, for an appointment at 8:30 am with an empty stomach, you must have stopped eating and drinking (water allowed in small quantities) at 8:30 p.m.

In order not to distort the result, unless otherwise indicated by the Biologist, certain analyses must only be done on an empty stomach: Glycemia, Lipid profile (Cholesterol and fractions, Triglycerides), Electrophoresis of proteins, Cortisol, ACTH, Uric acid, Calcitonin, Iron…

In this case, it is possible to drink a glass of water in the morning and it is recommended to have a light meal the night before.

Certain analyses do not have to be done on an empty stomach (TP/INR, NFS, BHCG, blood tests for viruses, allergens, etc.). However, they must be taken between meals (3 hours after eating), while avoiding butter, milk, cream, fat…

Tolerance: Failure to comply with the state of fasting should not constitute an obstacle to an urgent clinical examination.

Any request to take a dose of medication must include:

  • The date and time of collection,
  • the date and time of the last collection,
  • the dosage information, the reason for the prescription.

List of drugs concerned : Digoxin, Carbamazepine, Valproic acid, Phenobarbital, Lithium, Tacrolimus, Ciclosporin…

The collection must be taken before the next intake for a residual rate or at another time as indicated by the prescriber.

Case of thyroid hormones

In case of dosage of T4l (and/or T3l), do not take the medication beforehand.

On the day of your collection, we will make every effort to respect the scheduled time of your appointment.

Wait times:
it takes an average of 15 to 20 minutes for registration of the file and specimen collection.

Some doses require a longer wait time.

Analysis Recommendations Duration constraint Duration of test at the laboratory
Cortisol On an empty stomach Between 7am and 9am For a cycle nycthemeral, plan a dose about 4pm
Prolactin Start of Cycle for women Before 9 am After 20 mn of rest
HGPO Empty stomach Before 10am 2 or 3h depending on time limit
Blood sugar postprandial 2h after the start of the meal
Test at Synacthen Empty stomach
Obtain the kit in a pharmacy
8h in the morning After 30 mn of rest + injection IM + 1h
HELIKIT test On an empty stomach, without tobacco, without drinking, stop all treatment gastric, obtain the kit in a pharmacy Before 10 am 30 mn

All these tests are described in the analysis guide.

In all cases, when you make your appointment, our medical secretaries will tell you the time, the protocol, the recommendations and the amount of time you must be present at the laboratory for your analyses.

Check for the mention “collection at home” on your medical prescription, We can provide you with the contact details of nurses who have established an agreement with our laboratory and who are close to your home. Visits to your home without a prescription are billed directly to the patient.

I come to the laboratory to get a specific bottle, the protocol and the patient advice sheet.

All of the following collection procedures are described in the patient recommendations :

  • Urinary cytology / ECBU: cytobacteriological examination of urine *,
  • sugar/albumin/acetone/nitrite in the urine *,
  • mycoplasma in the urine *,
  • 24-hour urine *,
  • Addis / HLM * count *,
  • test for blood in the stool *,
  • stool culture *,
  • stool parasitology *,
  • sputum / expectoration *,
  • sperm culture *,
  • spermogram..

Materials marked * are also available in pharmacies, for the sites of Loire-Atlantique and Candé, and only for some sites for other laboratories of Maine et Loire.

A minor cannot come to the laboratory alone to have a specimen taken, except for analyses concerning an abortion or related to contraception or for STD testing (Sexually Transmitted Disease), apart from these exceptions, the minor must imperatively present a prescription. No specimen sample will be taken from minors without their approval.

Transmission of results
Assessment for an abortion or contraception Prescriber only
STD Blood tests Prescriber only
Other analyses Legal guardian

Under no circumstances will the results be given to the minor.


Note that the minor patient can exercise his right to secrecy about his state of health, the results will therefore be communicated to the prescriber only.

For specimens to be taken from infants or young children, it is preferable to have them done at the laboratory.

A blood test is a mild medical procedure that can cause concern for both the child and his parents.

Our technicians are qualified to take these specimens..


In order to ensure the presence of a technician authorized to take the specimen , we advise you to contact the laboratory secretary by phone or to come in directly so that we can arrange an appointment and explain the pre-analytical conditions (on an empty stomach, placement of an anaesthetic patch available in pharmacies …).

You can contact the laboratory on the contact page.

For any complaints, please fill the followinf form :

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