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Category : Open-term
Region : Pays de la Loire
Sector : Private
Desired profile : Versatile
Contact Name : Dr Philippe DUBREUIL
Facility : Andebio LabOuest group
Address : 24 place Lafayette – BP 80405
Postal code : 49004
Telephone : 02 41 88 50 46
Desired start date : As soon as possible


Description :
Independent LBM (26 biologists – sites in Maine-et-Loire and Loire Atlantique).
Biologist position with a multi-purpose and emergency technical platform located in Angers. Beginner or advanced profile, versatile or specialized with versatile skills.
Varied and stimulating activity (care establishments and pre/post sites).
The main assignments of the technical platform biologist are:
– Reading of haematology slides (Cellavision digital microscopy).
– Management of atypical Hb A1c profiles (HPLC Tosoh).
– Management of additional haemostasis and specialized haemostasis.
– Management of interpretations and consulting services in chemistry/immuno/serology.
– Management of blood groups, RAI and identifications.
– Management of CQI and EEQ.
– Participation in laboratory specimen collection.
– Biological validations and consulting services.
– Relations with prescribers in practices and practitioners of care facilities.
– Participation in continuous duty (on-call at night and WE).

      Professional equality between women and men

      Labouest laboratory is committed to a strong approach in terms of Equality between women and men.

      • Wage gap indicator : 38
      • Rate of disparity of individual increase indicator : 25
      • Return from maternity leave indicator : 15
      • High pay indicator : 10