Your Health, Our Commitment

LABOUEST was born of the merger, in January 2020, of 2 well-established laboratory groups located in PAYS de LOIRE: ANDEBIO and ISOSEL. After years of development in Angers and its surrounding area for Andebio, and between Ancenis and Nantes for ISOSEL, the biologist partners of these 2 entities deemed it opportune to join forces on a business project, which would give them perspectives and llow them to respect their conviction for the free and independent practice of medical biology to the service of patients and practitioners. This desire of biologists for independence constitutes the DNA of our project and the guarantee of our freedom in the service of patients, in the face of groups of financial laboratories supported by funds over which biologist practitioners have less and less control.

Isosel, created in 1996, represents the “logical” continuation of the laboratory created in 1958 in Ancenis by. Mr Roger Cochard, one of the pioneers of the profession, like Mr. Kerjean in Angers. Having become LABM d’Ancenis in 1990, the laboratory took the name of ISOSEL in 1996 with the relocation of its technical platform to the current site of Bd MOUTEL. The laboratory is located in the heart of Ancenis and the surrounding areas, sub-prefecture of Loire-Atlantique, and it has always pursued a mission of biology of proximity for both private patients and the Ancenis hospital, for which it has been the historical service provider. Over the years, the laboratory has developed by uniting around its technical platform and by bringing together laboratory biologists who share the same vision:

check-mark-1Vallet (44) in 2000
check-mark-1St Florent le vieil (49) in 2004
check-mark-1Nort sur Erdre (44) in 2009
check-mark-1Candé (49) in 2011
check-mark-1Carquefou, Thouaré, Blain, Nantes Dalby, Le Loroux Bottereau (44) in 2012
check-mark-1Nantes Ile de Nantes ILNA (44) in 2016

Andebio was created in 2004, resulting from the merger between the Kerjean-May laboratory, also a long-standing member of the Angers laboratory landscape, and the Le Bihan-Darreau-Guillerme laboratory. Andebio then supported the merger of the St Louis, then St Martin, clinics at the Esperance clinic site within the framework of creation of the ANJOU clinic. Andébio subsequently reinforced its involvement with clinics in the Angers area in 2007 following acquisition of the Fonty-Raimbeau laboratory, thus becoming a partner of the St LEONARD clinic and of the Clinique de la Main, then partner of the St Joseph clinic in 2017 following acquisition of the Gerbaud Laboratory. In addition to its role with clinics, Andébio has continued to grow in Angers and its surrounding areas, in order to ensure a network in the territory and to provide the best service to its patients:

check-mark-1Acquisition of the Pasteur laboratory (Dr. Peltier) in 2007
check-mark-1Acquisition of the Fonty Raimbaud laboratory, King René and Clinique St sites Léonard, the site of Roi René, will be moved with that of Paul Bert to Beclard
check-mark-1Acquisition of the Justices (Dr. Poirier) and Madeleine (Dr. Aubry) laboratory and Jestin) in 2009
check-mark-1Opening in 2010 – 2011, of the new Roseraie site
check-mark-1Acquisition of the SEGRE laboratory (Dr. Tharreau) in 2011
check-mark-1Opening in 2013 of the Camus – Meignanne site
check-mark-1Acquisition in 2013 of the St Barthélémy d’Anjou laboratory (Dr. Devaux)
check-mark-1Opening in 2014 of the TRELAZE Village santé Angers Loire site
check-mark-1In 2017, Andebio acquired the Gerbaud laboratory with its 3 sites Angers Bamako, Angers Bessonneau and St Sylvain d’Anjou,
check-mark-1Bamaki closed in 2018
check-mark-1Montreuil Bellay opened in 2019
check-mark-1In 2019, Beclard Foch closed and ANGERS CENTER, Bd Bessonneau opened
check-mark-12021: Opening of the TASSIGNY 150 technical platform and the new site of La Pommeraye – Mauges sur Loire